About Bioxe Pharma

Bioxepharma was primarily started as a pharmacy and pharmaceutical company that is now diversified into different SBU’s (strategic business units) that is retail pharmacy and cosmetic products. Even though we started small now we have developed, and our imported products are distributed to the entire island and possess a very well diversified distributor network inclusive of a fully integrated software system. 


Our commitment to the partners are smooth and well managed, maintain an ethical environment, and a Human Resource Department. Our founder who helped in creating multiple medium healthcare companies in Sri Lanka through his heart’s desire to provide good service to the customer in regard to healthcare products and cosmetics. He always keeps the doctors’ guidance and patients’ feedback in center while taking any decision.


Bioxe pharma is a company incorporated in 2022 with our pharmacy which engaged in importation, marketing and distribution of quality healthcare products. Which was first commenced with eight employees and now has become a well-recognized and a fast-growing company in the industry.

Our mission is to improve patients' lives by identifying, developing and commercializing meaningful products that address unmet medical needs.

Our aim is to be the most trusted partner for healthcare and we have a strong work ethic, we don't sfifle our individuals.

Conduct a comprehensive market analysis to identify the healthcare needs and gaps in Sri Lanka. Determine the demand for specific healthcare services or products, assess the competition, and identify potential target markets.

Determine the focus and specialization of each healthcare company you plan to establish. It could be pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical equipment distribution, healthcare technology solutions, or any other healthcare-related service or product.

Develop a detailed business plan for each healthcare company. Define the company's mission, objectives, target market, revenue streams, marketing strategies, and financial projections. Include a comprehensive analysis of the regulatory requirements and compliance procedures specific to the healthcare industry in Sri Lanka.

Understand and comply with the legal and regulatory requirements for starting and operating healthcare companies in Sri Lanka. This includes obtaining necessary licenses, permits, and approvals from relevant authorities such as the Ministry of Health.

Determine the required capital investment for each healthcare company and explore various financing options. This could include self-funding, bank loans, venture capital, or partnerships with investors or healthcare organizations.

Plan and acquire the necessary infrastructure, facilities, and equipment for each healthcare company. This could include office spaces, manufacturing facilities, laboratories, storage areas, or specialized medical equipment, depending on the nature of the company.

Identify and recruit skilled professionals with relevant expertise in the healthcare industry. This may include doctors, pharmacists, nurses, technicians, administrators, and other support staff. Develop a comprehensive human resources management strategy, including training and development programs.

Explore collaborations and partnerships with local hospitals, clinics, or healthcare providers to establish referral networks or to gain access to a wider customer base. Consider strategic alliances with suppliers, distributors, or technology providers to enhance your company's offerings.

Develop a strong marketing and branding strategy for each healthcare company. Create a compelling brand identity, build a professional website, utilize digital marketing channels, and engage in targeted marketing campaigns to reach your target audience effectively.

Implement quality assurance measures and ensure compliance with relevant healthcare standards, guidelines, and regulations. This includes maintaining proper documentation, implementing safety protocols, and monitoring ongoing adherence to quality standards.

Regularly evaluate the performance of each healthcare company, review financial metrics, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency. Identify areas for improvement and implement necessary changes to optimize the company's growth and success.


Our leadership team has a proven track record of successfully developing and creating CME programs that results in better patient care.

At the same time, they’ve demonstrated their ability to drive shareholder value and built Bioxe pharma into an employer of choice. The following individuals comprise Bioxe Pharma Exeutive committe. See BioxePharma.com for biographies and a listing of the company’s Board of Directors.

Management Team

Arumugam Vinotharan

Chief Executive Officer

Thangavel Kirubagaran


Team Members

Dinesh sewvandike

Territory Manager

Hemantha Dasanayake

Territory Manager

P. Sabeeshan

Medical Delegate

Prashanth Kumar

Medical Delegate